• Jet Hand Dryer - Abs Body

Quick Details:

Voltage: 220V(50Hz-60Hz) 
Rated Power: 850W 
Current: 6.5A 
Air Speed: 86M/S 
Water Splash Proof: IPX1
Product size:650*292*250mm
Drying Time: 8-9 Sec

Material: ABS Body 




·         New featured product which is controlled by micro computer, wide LCD display shows the process of hands drying and humanistic motion.

·         Auto infrared sensor, quick time reaction, drying in hands 6-12 sec, quick efficiency to save your time.

·         Quiet, Powerful, high-speed brushless DC long- life motor.

·         The High-Speed Jet Hand Dryer is finding wide use in offices, foodstuffs processing plants, hotels, supermarkets and many other facilities where a high level of sanitation is critical

·         Energy – saving great efficiency with only 1/3 watts to common dryer while achieving same effect.

·         Its cost – effective and environment-friendly design affords users with a number of distinct advantages.

Jet Hand Dryer - Abs Body

  • Product Code: KV 3366

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