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Automatic Soap Dispenser
650 ml
Brand Name:
ASD 336
Double Soap Dispenser
SS 304 
Material :
Stainless Steel
Sensing Distance
5-15 cm 
Place of Origin:
1. Power Supply: DC9V / AA*6 Batteries
2. Liquid Volum: 650ml
3. Per drop vol: 1ml
4. Environment temperature: 0-45ºC
5. Sensing distance: <=15cm
6. Control: Designed with SCM control, low power consumption. The soap drop can be adjusted at for each inducing.
7. Sensing distance: Distance canbe adjusted in 30s after switching on.
8. Appearance: With SS304 material , strong and beautiful.
9. Protecting device: The lock design on the top of cover will prevent irrespective opening. The electronic parts are sealed,waterproof and moisture proof.
    • Intelligent: Automatic sensor with microcomputer control,start work when your hands stretch to the unit and stop to work when the hands withdraw.
    • Short time with single operation,suitable for schools,hospitals,bakery,food and pharmaceutical workshop,improve production efficiency
    • Energy saving
    • Elegant Design
    • Emergency Power Supply :: AA Battery (6pcs)
    • Automatic sensing without contact,no cross-contamination.
    • Liquid Supply: 0.5-6.8 ml
    • Material:: SS 304             
    • Power :: DC9V 

Automatic Soap Dispenser - Stainless Steel -650 ml - Electrical or Battery Automatic Soap Dispenser

  • Product Code: ASD336

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